Friday, November 21, 2008

Cabrillo National Monument

A couple lazy Sunday's ago, Jessica and I found ourselves as "tourists" in the city we call home. Cabrillo rests at the tip of Pt. Loma and had remained hidden to us for all this while. It's really a treasure that helps define the city, some of the best views of both downtown and the Pacific are to be had:

Looking at the 6 ft. bulb inside the lighthouse.

Although it might not look like it, those are about 6-8 foot perfect waves rolling through the Pt. (Click to enlarge) Off in the distance you can see the Coronado Islands home to some of the best tuna fishing on the west coast...mmmm....yellow fin tunnnnaaaaaa.

The Hotel Del Coronado in all it's opulence and glory. I typically shy away from B&W because I find the color so much more intriguing, but this shot seems kind of timeless in the way the light is hitting only the hotel and leaving the more modern developments covered in shade.

Somewhere in there, you can see Tom Ham's lighthouse...future home of awesomeness.



arizona homeowner insurance said...

We love to visit San Diego but end up staying in the Carlsbad area most of the time and drive down. But San Diego is a great place to visit, especially when you live in land of 100 degree weather. Most of these pics we've seen or visited.

WalesTales said...

Can hardly wait to join you at the Ligthhouse. I found my dancing shoes in Tuscon after you left while shopping with my Seezta & Stef.

sam wales said...

cool pictures!!!

Norma said...

¡I love these pictures!