Monday, January 14, 2008

Night Photography

California State University San Marcos at night. This is one of the more beautiful campuses in San Diego, albeit new and undeveloped for the most part.

Wild Fires in Poway circa 2003 at Espola Rd and Twin Peaks. In a weird twist of Irony, almost everywhere this fire burned in 2003 was saved in 07 when the Witch Creek fire gutted most of the surrounding area.

Point Loma Sunset. That tiny spec in the middle of the water is a sail boat. I really try to stay away from sunset photos as they are pretty cliche, but every now and then you can't help but be amazed by the setting sun.

Washington D.C. Backyard summer nights. 100 degrees, humid, fireflys, bbq's, cold beer and a tiki hut.

Candy Cane Lane, Poway, CA. Think the Griswalds Christmas lights....but on crack. The entire neighborhood follows suit and about 30 houses combine forces for a month to put on this amazing display. Which, I'm pretty sure is visible from space.

San Diego County Fair Fireworks, not the most spectacular in San Diego, by any means, but you can't beat the ocean front location.

Click to enlarge, San Diego Coastline Fireworks. This is overlooking dog beach in Del Mar with La Jolla off in the distance. Believe it or not, those fireworks are from Sea World.


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