Sunday, February 3, 2008


Spent the past week up in Seattle/Olympia visiting Kate for her and Brian's wedding, and getting some time in with Julia as well.

Without getting too in depth with all the happenings, I'll give you a quick run down....Landed in Seattle, found Julia, ate at Dick's, Drove the better part of the puget sound trying to find a target store, saw my sister get hitched, drank some 30 year old scotch, made fun of my brother, made fun of everyone else with my brother, met a badass dog, hung out with my train obsessed nephew, got the flu, medicated myself into oblivion, hiked in the snow, went to seattle, ate a crazy french lunch at pikes market, said bye to Julia, flew food poisoning...puked my guts out!

Good times!

Overlooking the Puget sound underneath Bald Eagles =)

Suka, Brian's dog. I'd go on about how much I like Suka, but then I'd wind up depressed and Jessica would have to convince me all over again that it would be cruel keeping a dog in a place as small as ours...bah. Seattle... pretty awesome.

Brian and Kate's front yard.

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