Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Arizona - Baseball A's vs. Angels

Took in a great game today at the Phoenix Municipal Stadium in Mesa, AZ. The (deep breath) Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim and the Oakland A's (A's were running a split squad today and had the real fresh meat on the field).

We had some great seats for 10 bucks this go around. Spring training brings most of the farm raised talent to the field and and can be a real guessing game as to who is who, hence the program this gentleman had in hand.

The Angles brought out all their studs, above is Fransisco Rodriguez (K-Rod) and he's arm angles of impossibility. His elbow is literally behind his head....he's a mutant.

The A's catching someone in a pickle.

Classic baseball scene. Harden on the mound, 3-1 count, runner taking second...

Watching the A's second string outfielders take the field was like watching a bunch of circus clowns in a tripping contest...but with less skill.

Valdimir Guerrero. Grand Slam. Freak of Nature.


Vlad the man.

The A's got shut out 6-0 with something like 3 hits. This was the only highlight...a cleanly fielded ground ball to short.

Great game. Not sure if Jessica and I will make any more this year, real life is calling us back. There is one more night game a couple hours before our flight...but if the aromas lofting from the BBQ in this backyard are any sign of things to come...I'm not leaving this sun drenched lounge chair if someone pays me.

Here's to the regular season opener on the 25th... 6 days 9 hrs and 50 minutes from now =)


(Heard some rumors of the A's trading Harden to the Yankees today, saw the yankees scouts out in full force, and a guy from baseball prospectus didn't deny the rumors)


Jessica said...

i think you should change the name of your blog to Gat-baseball-log...

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