Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dreaming of Blogging

Blogging has become more of an idea than an activity, at least for me.

It's just after noon on a Tuesday and I'm trying to escape the rest of the work day at my desk. Dreaming of a time when I'll have the time to grab my Macbook and battle the blogging grounds in style.

This post-it covered desk in the middle of white collar suburbia hell really negates a lot of the positive energy in my life. I suppose though, it could be argued, that its through those same frustrations all of this began. My desires of escapism peeked and sent me typing away through cyber-space trying to occupy my idle time. I really couldn't resent this place more. The ominous, life draining fluorescent ceiling tile sky above me; the padded psych-wardesque cubicle walls around me; the neutral colors, the bland smiles, the idle chat about American Idol, it all rips out my soul piece by piece, day by day.

If only this were some hip, urban cafe with a bunch of 20 somethings. Maybe some nice mellow jazzy tunes mixed with the soft murmur of private conversations. The fresh aromas of some fresh brews, the clank of dishes and silverware being washed in the back kitchen. I'd be tucked away in the corner absorbed by my new home. Outside the city lights would be on, but the autumn's night sky would still be glowing with the remnants of daylight. Clicking away, surfing the web, getting some inspiration for new graphic layouts, new website ideas, slowly drifting away into this altogether non-tangible yet always present virtual world.

My life would slow down as the world sped up around me. Outside the white and red headlights from passing cars would blur together into streaks of light. Inside the busy hustle and bustle would meld together into a ghostly image of people coming and going, eating and drinking, talking, laughing, waiting, watching...living.

But for now, it's back to reality. Trying to figure out whats more real, the virtual escape brought on by a virtual community connected randomly throughout the world, or this drab corner desk, in this suburban office tower, surrounded by people willing to walk all over one another in order to make their payment on their brand new E-Class Sedan.

Ohh Blogging....how I love thee.

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Jeffro2pt0 said...

Wow, you pretty much summed up the atmoshphere at my local Borders. Because of that specific atmosphere is the reason why I keep going back.