Saturday, September 8, 2007

My new website/portfolio

After about 50+ hours of design and conceptualization, it is done. I've posted the basic framework for my portfolio. See: As if that weren't plastered on this blog enough ;) Which I'm also using to bounce traffic to the site.

The basic framework is up, nothing to scream about, but it's potential is huge. I've started messing around with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A big industry term people throw around to sound smart. In essence I'm trying to manipulate Google and Yahoo, etc. into indexing my site above anyone else with the same info on their site...trouble is I'm in San Diego home to ohhh...10,000+ graphic designing photographers who dabble in web design. But hey, if you search...davidhgatley I'm number one!....of one ;) But, there is hope. I've started to understand how Google crawls the web and ranks sites. If you're interested in such things there is an incredibly informative site at
They really pointed me in the right direction and offered incredible steps in Lehman's terms.

I suppose this project ( is really more of a creative outlet than it is a portfolio. But shhhh.... no telling;) There are so many incredible tools and information available out there. And well, using free software to build a site map for google, then installing free code from StatCounter to check the site traffic coming in and out of all my sites, not to mention all the other free tools at my disposal got me to thinking; I should try and return the favor. I should try to share whatever knowledge I have (assuming its worth sharing) and make it available to anyone who cares to read it... we are.

Right Now I've had about 3 people visit my site, My girlfriend and my Mom ;) But as of 10:30am this morning it was officially made public and indexed in Google's I'm expecting at least 12,034 hits by tonight... ok maybe not, but I'm interested to see how traffic flows in and out of websites; where the most random site traffic can be found, and if all of this actually generates anything tangible (i.e. dollar bills in my wallet) in the near future. I'm going to stay away from website advertising, at least for now anyways. I can't stand annoying, distracting, flashey adds that make information hard to display, and read. I also think advertising on Blogs ruins any chance of credibility or trust the author can have. But that's beyond the point, I need readers before I can get rich from their mouse clicks =)

Here's to a productive use of the past week and a half of my life =)


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